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I’m Emy, born in 1988 and living in Lyon, France. I’m a professional  illutrator and comics artist, graduated from Emile Cohl school in 2012. I take photographies since 2009 mostly for shows and events.





I’ve worked with:

Freaks Factory, Violence from Within, Evil Eruption, Machina Vapora, Stoneburst, Marcel Croizat, Abstract Agony, Les Alabres, Odanë, Fast Fest Fist Fost Fust Festival 2009…


Mankind Suffering Visions – Nocturnal Depression (DVD ) (live pictures)

Program of the comics festival of Carrouge (2012) (portrait of the author Tony Sandoval)

Promotional leaflet for Stoneburst (live pictures)


Portraits de Famille, at Ukronium 1828 for Machina Vapora. Septembre, octobre 2012